SAR 444 E


Polychloroprene adhesive with excellent initial adhesion and heat resistance. Is used mostly in footwear industry.


Adhesive monocomponent polychloroprene
Colour deep yellow
Viscosity at 20°C 70” in Ford cup no. 8
Open time 5’ - 15’
Specific weight at 20°C 0,87 +/- 0,01
Reactivation temperature (°C) /
Solvent content in compliance with laws in force

Prepare the surfaces to be glued carefully
apply one or two coats of adhesive depending on the absorption
leave to dry for 5 - 10’ depending on the ambient conditions
bring the parts together and press
the product is sensitive to the pressure
at the end of the product’s “open time”, reactivate it by heating the surfaces to 50 - 60°
Notes: it is suggested to use the adhesive at temperatures not lower than 18°;
in case the material is stocked in cold ambient, recondition before using
SOLVENTS To thin, use SOLVENTE 31700
PACKING 15 kg net weight can
STORAGE The product will keep for around 24 months in tightly sealed original container in dry and ventilated place. Avoid frost and excessive heat.