SAR 600


Polychloroprene adhesive for “ AGO “ working. It is suitable for gluing leather, artifitial leather. Also is used for car upholstery.


Adhesive monocomponent polychloroprene
Colour yellow
Viscosity at 20°C 2.800 +/- 200 cps
Open time 30 - 60 minutes
Specific weight at 20°C 0,850 +/- 0,020
Reactivation temperature (°C) 70 - 80
Solvents content according to current law regulations
Chemical name polychloroprene in organic solvents

Duly prepare the surfaces to be joined
apply the adhesive and let dry for about 20 minutes
join the parts and press at 6 Kg./cm2 for about 10 seconds
Notes: it is suggested to use the adhesive at temperatures not lower than 18°;
in case the material is stocked in cold ambient, recondition before using
SOLVENTS Use SOLVENTE 31700 for thinning
PACKING Drum of Kg. 15 net weight
STORAGE Shelf life: about 24 months if stored in well closed original packing in a dry
and airy place.
Keep from freezing and extreme heat