SAR 30 E


Neoprene adhesive. Is used for bonding welts, wood heels, cork, leather, tunith, insoles. Can be used for car upholstery/interior

Universal neoprene adhesive for the footwear factories.
Excellent for bonding welts, wood heels, cork, leather, tunith, insoles


Adhesive monocomponent polychloroprene
Colour light yellow
Viscosity at 20°C 50” +/- 5” in Ford cup n° 8
Open time 40 minutes
Specific weight at 20°C 0,92 +/- 0,1
APPLICATION Clean the two parts to be bonded
apply once or twice the adhesive (according to the absorbing power of the material) and let dry
join the two parts and press by pneumatic press
Notes: it is suggested to use the adhesive at temperatures not lower than 18°;
in case the material is stocked in cold ambient, recondition before using
SOLVENTS Use SOLVENTE 31700 for thinning
PACKING Tin of Kg. 15 g.w.
STORAGE Shelf life: about 24 months if stored in well closed tins at 15 - 25°C