Hand Press D-1


Practical solutions for covering buttons. Buttons of size between 20 and 60 are compatible with this press for cutting and covering process.

Hand Press D-1 is perfect tool for covering buttons

Produced especially for low/middle-capacity furniture manufacturers.
This type of press allows you to make covered buttons using leather and fabric, both for clothing and furniture.

Press "Mikron D-1" is very handy and easy to use. It can be easily mounted to any flat surface.

Covering is carried out using spring or springless nozzles. To press the nozzle, you need to turn the handle with a spiral thread clockwise. The preparation process of the buttons includes the correct placement of the dies in the rotary device.

Productivity ~ 150 pieces/hour;
Thread: ¼ inch;
Size: 128x40x60 mm;
Sleeve depth: 85 mm;
Working height: 75 mm;
Pressing force: 150 kg/cm2;
Weight: 4.75 kg.